Free Skyrim Copy

A Free Skyrim copy is what everyone's looking for. The game just came out but is already causing commotion among gamers. But wouldn't you want to get the game for free? Well, I'm about to show you how I got a Free Skyrim copy mailed to me without even using a credit card!

How do I get a Free Skyrim copy?

Getting Skyrim for free isn't hard at all. I have broken down this guide for you into 3 easy steps. If you follow the steps below, there's a site which will mail you a free copy of Skyrim at no cost to you (not even for shipping)! Of course it takes time, but I got mine in 1 week, so it's not that difficult.

Step 1: Sign Up

Click the green button above and sign up to Points2shop, the site which allows you to get a Free Skyrim copy.

Signing up is easy and takes less than a minute. Just enter your username you want, email, and make a password.

Make sure to confirm your email, or else your account won't be activated.

Step 2: Get Points by Doing Easy Surveys

After you've made your account, you need to earn points. A free Skyrim copy costs 6000 points, which takes like 2-7 days to earn, depending on how fast you earn them.

You can earn points by doing easy surveys, inviting friends, or even by playing games! It's fun and simple to earn points.

Step 3: Redeem your Free Skyrim copy!

Once you have earned the required number of points for Skyrim, go to your 'Spend Points' tab and redeem a copy of Skyrim for your console. It's really that easy!

That's it! Enjoy your game!